Fun Findings Friday #83

UNICEF Tap Project:
The UNICEF Tap Project is probably one of my top fun findings ever – because it’s such a cool way to give back! Working to help the massive population of people without clean water in the world, UNICEF has partnered with donors to deliver one day of clean water for a child in need for every 10 minutes you don’t touch your smartphone (money donated by UNICEF partners – nothing comes out of your pocket). So far, California is the state with the highest funds raised and today alone, 4.5 YEARS of clean water has been raised thanks to this site. How long do you think you can go without your phone?

Photo credit: UNICEF

Walker Stalker Con:
Last weekend I was introduced to a convention for fans of zombies, horror, and sci-fi, and namely, all things TWD (The Walking Dead)! This is the second year for the convention which just wrapped up in Chicago and will be heading to Atlanta mid-October. I’m a huge fan of TWD, so this is very exciting news for me, especially considering Atlanta isn’t too far away from me! I haven’t purchased tickets but if Andrew Lincoln is confirmed as a guest (several of the cast members already have been confirmed – see lineup here), I am SO there!

Photo credit: Walker Stalker Con

Happy Sad Songs & Sad Happy Songs:
Do you ever wonder what would happen if songs were sung in a different key (opposite what they’re normally performed in)? The Gregory Brothers created a video featuring several popular songs and turned them from happy to sad and sad to happy. Pretty interesting take! I never know “Happy” could sound so sad!