Cause of the Month: RED

This month, I’m spotlighting RED, as the cause of the month. You’ve probably heard the name or seen  RED products around, but might not be familiar with what exactly the charity is, or how you can help. A high-level overview? RED is an organization strives to deliver an AIDS-free generation globally by 2015.

It breaks my heart to know that 700 babies are born with HIV each day, and not having the clean slate/fair chance at life that most of us have at birth. It’s even more difficult to understand why this is happening, as giving HIV positive mothers anti-retroviral medication (which works to keep the virus from growing and multiplying within their bodies) costs about 40 cents a day and greatly reduces the chance of a mother transmitting the virus to her baby.
Photo credit: RED

If you purchase a RED product, big brands (e.g. Apple, Coca Cola, Starbucks and Live Nation) will donate up to 50% of proceeds, depending on which product you purchase, while strict monetary donations will support the cause 100%. In fact, last week, it was announced that Apple’s RED product line has raised $70 million total and RED as a whole has raised $250 million – so incredible!

To support the cause, I purchased the FEED RED Special Edition Love 30 Bag ($80). Although it’s a little pricier than my normal monthly charity contribution, I’ve been eyeing the bag for quite some time and love both the design and the cause it supports. In fact, the purchase supplies about a month’s worth of the ARV pills for an infected mother, mentioned above.

Photo credit: RED/Feed Projects

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