Bugsy’s Box: April 2014 Review

I’m always looking for new subscription boxes to try out and ways to spoil my dog, Sheba. So when Bugsy’s Box reached out and asked if I’d like to review a box, I was pretty excited! Bugsy’s Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs that sends 5-7 items made in the US based on your dog’s size, starting at $19/month (6 month subscription) – $29/month (1 month subscription).

It’s Purely Natural Pure Beef Jerky Treats
Sheba can’t get enough of these Pure Beef Jerky Treats ($6) – they’re the first thing she went for when we opened the box! Although she can scarf these down pretty quickly, these are great “distractions” for when I need to sneak out of the house without her seeing!

I’ve never heard of Incredibubbles ($5) – or any other kind of bubble toy for dogs, but I found these to be pretty interesting. This isn’t something Sheba will play with, but my parents are planning on getting a puppy in a few months so I plan on saving this for them – this is definitely a puppy kind of toy!

Wylie’s Naturals
Wylie’s Naturals isn’t a brand I’m familiar with, but after doing some research, I discovered that it’s a storefront on Etsy, which I think is amazing. I love Etsy and I think supporting/spreading the word about small businesses/Etsy shops is the bees knees. Not to mention, Sheba is crazy about the 100% Natural Chicken Jerky ($6.50)!

Tall Tails Pocket Towel
We get a lot of rain in Florida and Sheba often comes back inside drenched. And since she’s super spoiled and has free reign of the house (e.g. she’s allowed on the couch and bed), occasionally she darts for those comfy places to dry off. The Tall Tails Pocket Towel ($10) is the perfect accessory to keep by the door to dry her off before she gets upstairs. So happy a product other than a treat or toy (that actually comes in handy) was included!

Barksters Sweet Potato & Liver Treats
The Barksters Sweet Potato & Liver Treats ($8.50) were a big hit with Sheba! Both wheat- and gluten-free, these treats are very light calorie-wise, so you don’t feel as guilty letting your dog indulge  in more than one.

April’s Bugsy’s Box retailed out to about $36. A great deal considering the most a subscriber would spend is $29! I loved the variety of items included from treats to toys to other handy products as a pet parent. Plus, Sheba gave her stamp of approval on almost every single item included! I can’t wait to see what products are included in future boxes!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Bugsy’s Box, be sure to use coupon code “MAY10” to receive $10 off your subscription!

Sheba at the end of her “sniff test”

  • This seems like a great box! I wish my dog wasn't so darn picky with his treats. I love the idea of him getting new toys and products in the mail. Thanks for the review!