PopSugar Must Have: Special Edition Summer Box 2014 Review

Throughout the year, PopSugar offers “special edition” boxes in addition to their normal monthly PopSugar Must Have boxes. Although just a couple months ago they released a Resort Box, a Special Edition Summer Box was announced. A little pricier than the normal monthly box, this one cost $100 (plus shipping) and sold out fairly quickly (as most of their special edition ones do). I tried to be good and hold off on ordering this one since I splurged a couple months ago on the other box, but alas, I failed and ended up buying it. It is my birthday month, so I’ll just consider it an early gift to myself!

Soixante Neux Pendant Horn Necklace
The Soixante Neux Pendant Horn Necklace ($155) was the first spoiler I saw before receiving the box. I think it’s a pretty cool necklace – as a GOT (Game of Thrones) fan, it kind of reminds me of Khalessi’s dragons. The downside? I’m not a gold fan and wish I had received the turquoise version instead of white (PS sent out both colors).

Sacha Juan Ocean Mist 
The Sacha Juan Ocean Mist ($28) is supposed to be great for that post-beach tousled look whether your hair is wet or dry. After reading some reviews on the product, I also saw that it’s supposed to help with frizzy hair so I’m very excited to give it a try! My hair and the Florida humidity have never gotten along!

Tarte Cosmetics
I’ve been trying to expand my brand usage of cosmetics a little more this year and was excited to find the Power Pigment ($24) and Cheek Stain ($30) products from Tarte. I know I’ll get use out of the lip product but am not quite sure how I feel about the Cheek Stain. I’m picturing it going all wrong and me looking kind of like a clown, but I might play around with it this weekend and give it a try!

Sisters of Los Angeles Glassware (4)
I have no shortage of cups/glasses/mugs in my kitchen, but I am absolutely LOVING the Sisters of Los Angeles Glassware Set ($45) featuring my favorite cities: San Fran, NYC, London & LA! I love how bright and colorful these are and will definitely be using often! Plus, these were made exclusively for PopSugar (etched into the bottom of the glasses) – love the exclusivity!

Samudra Pouch
The Samudra Pouch ($60) was way bigger than I had expected! It has a very summery design with palm trees on the front and “live love aloha” on the back. I think this will make a great accessory whether carrying on the beach or packing essentials in your suitcase (for reference it could even hold an iPad and have some room left over)!

Vitality Eliunt Olive Oil 
I definitely wasn’t expecting anything like the Vitality Eliunt Olive Oil ($15) in my box! It seems a little out of place next to the other items, but I’m very excited about it! Olive oil is a fairly big staple when I cook, but I’m thinking I’ll save this for a special occasion. After all, my olive oil usually comes from Publix (my local grocery store) and this stuff came all the way from Australia!

PopSugar Must Have’s Special Edition Summer Box retailed out to about $357 which is AMAZING considering I only paid $107! I wasn’t completely crazy about the items in the box but there were some pretty cool finds inside. I’m very curious how they determine which products to feature – especially for the big special edition boxes. Can’t wait to see what comes next – maybe a special edition fall box?