Cause of the Month: Surfers Healing

I’ve been turning to Sevenly a lot lately for inspiration on which cause(s) to feature, since they often promote smaller charities that the public generally isn’t familiar with, which I love! I’m happy to support well-known charities, but spreading the word about lesser known ones is also very important to me.

Photo credit: Surfers Healing

The cause I’m spotlighting this month is Surfers Healing, an organization that provides camps across the country to help kids living with autism and their families. The primary way? By taking the kids surfing. Although it seems very non-traditional when looking at the standard ways doctors look to help these kids and their families, Surfers Healing has been successfully running these camps for the past fifteen years.

In 2013, the organization was able to take over 4,500 kids out surfing and are aiming to host even more this year. Even better, these camps are completely free, provided enough donations are received.

Photo credit: Sevenly

To support Surfers Healing, I purchased the Fierce Minds Tee ($24), which is available to purchase until next Monday morning. Not only does it support a great cause, but I’m also really loving the design, which reminds me of something vintage 80s. If you’re looking for additional ways to support, you can donate directly through the Surfers Healing site or make purchases through their charity portal, AmazonSmile.

What cause(s) do you support?