Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote: July 2014 Review

I don’t think I’ve bought one piece of clothing from a store since discovering Golden Tote earlier this year. Usually offered once a month for $49 (2-3 items) or $150 (5-7 items), the company decided to offer a Surprise Item Tote (it’s still available in the boutique if you’re interested) for $99, separate from the traditional monthly one.

Skies are Blue Top
The Skies are Blue Top (~$30) looked a little big on the hanger, and it was a little roomy on, but I do really love it! I don’t have anything like it in my closet at the moment and it’s also something that’s nicer than a plain tee – a.k.a. perfect for the office or out on the town. If you received this one as well, beware of the small threads! One of my Alex and Ani bracelets got caught on it and one of the threads was pulled out a bit.

Collective Concepts Tank
I’m not crazy about this Collective Concepts Tank (~$25). It’s a silk material which is awesome (and could work as a work outfit with a cardigan) but as is, the straps are thin and I still have some work to do on my arms workout-wise.

Jolie Linen Shorts
At first glance I wasn’t very excited about the Jolie Linen Shorts (~$30) because I didn’t think they’d fit well or would be too short for my liking. I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong about a piece of clothing in my life. These are hands down the greatest pair of shorts I ever owned. You might be looking at them and thinking they’re not all that special (same thoughts I had), but they fit so well and are super comfortable. LOVE!

Catch Me Top
I couldn’t tell if the Catch Me Top (~$30) was a dress or just a long tank but after putting it on, it fit more like a dress on me. That said, it’s white. Extremely white. And see through. Ugh. I did really like it, I just wish it was another color – and not see through. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep or trade this just yet but if I end up keeping it, it’ll strictly be a bathing suit cover up.

The Surprise Tote was kind of a mixed bag for me – literally. There are 2 items I definitely like and 2 that I’m on the fence about. The good news is that I’ll likely be able to swap those items (if I decide to) with another GT’er in the trading group, who will love them.

July’s regular Golden Tote went on sale a couple days ago (always the first Monday of the month), and as usual, I couldn’t resist – always such cute pieces! I did however, opt for the $49 tote instead of my patterned $150 since I splurged on the mystery tote. It actually ends up being about the same cost total anyway!

What did you think of Golden Tote‘s surprise tote? Will you be buying anything from July’s picks?

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  • I am WAY too picky with clothes to do something like this, but I do love seeing your blog posts about it. I love that Skies are Blue top and the shorts do look comfy. I would probably trade the other two also if I were you. : )