Fun Findings Friday #95

Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams:
I stumbled across the Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams ($9) earlier this week in San Francisco – so cute! I’m a big believer in trying to decipher what my dreams are trying to tell me (and my friends’ as well), so this pocket-sized gem of a book is the perfect thing to have around! I’ve found a lot of dream  analyzing books are way off and/or much longer than they need to be. This one’s short and sweet – right to the point!

HannahMax Cookie Chips:
Last year I was introduced to HannahMax Cookie Chips via my PopSugar Must Have box although I loved the Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie chips, I completely forgot about them – until recently. I found a deal for the bundle of cookie chips on Amazon and it’s safe to say I’ve been re-hooked. Love keeping these treats in my desk at work for an afternoon snack!

Chris Pratt Braiding an Intern’s Hair Video:
Actor Chris Pratt (starring in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy) did something pretty awesome in his interview with Entertainment Tonight that proves the stars really are just like us! His interviewer called him out for supposedly being an expert french braider and he proved it mid-interview, while braiding an ET intern’s hair in perfect form! Check out the video below.