The Hundred-Foot Journey: Movie Review

Disney’s newest movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey hits theaters today! Earlier this week I was able to catch a screening of it with my fellow foodie and best friend, Lisa. Both of us were unsure going into the movie how it would be, as there weren’t any actors we were familiar with in the film (other than Helen Mirren), and we weren’t totally sold on the plot (based on the commercials we saw). So did we love it or hate it? Keep reading to find out!

The Hundred-Foot Journey is based on a novel written by Richard C. Morais and produced by the great Stephen Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. Can you imagine getting a call that Spielberg and Oprah want to make a movie out of your book!? What a dream!

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The film starts with the Kadam family leaving their home in India for a better life in Europe, settling in the countryside in the south of France. Led by stubborn – yet hysterical and lovable Papa (my favorite character in the movie), the family decides to open an Indian restaurant, Maison Mumbai, giving the French a taste of the Indian food they likely never tried but were sure to love.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The family learned quickly about Madam Mallory (played by Helen Mirren), the owner of the high-class French restaurant across the street, which also happened to be the winner of a Michelin-star (a very high award for restaurants). And although Madam Mallory didn’t really think the family was a big threat, she still wanted them out of town and their restaurant shut down. So soon, a “war” ensues between free-spirted Papa and uptight Madam Mallory, each doing everything they can to sabotage one another.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

In the meantime, love blossoms between the family’s eldest son (and the Maison Mumbai chef), Hassan, and one of Madam Mallory’s souus chefs, Marguerite, both bonding over their love for cooking. Although they worked in competing locations, both were eager to help each other and grow their passion for all types of foods and recipes, learning to blend both of their cultures together to create a new fabulous taste. Which of course, is kept under wraps.

Wanting to further his culinary education, Hassan attempts to win over Madam Mallory for a shot at being added to her kitchen staff to learn from the best. But with his father, Madam Mallory herself, and Marguerite against him, he must find a way to overcome the doubts around him, and chase his dreams.

Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Overall, The Hundred-Foot Journey was a really sweet (for the most part), uplifting movie. It combined a number of great elements – namely love, family, friendship, and food. Not having any kind of expectations going in, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the movie. That said, it seems more of the type of movie to rent at home, rather than trekking to the movie theater for. But if you do decide to see it, make sure you have food nearby. You’ll be hungry!



  1. August 13, 2014 / 12:44 AM

    You're movie reviews are really good. I am always hesitant to write mine because I am afraid to reveal too much. You do a great job with it. I am going to go see this movie probably tomorrow. It looks so good!

  2. August 15, 2014 / 4:59 PM

    Thank you! It's very hard not to spoil things in reviews – especially when you loved it and want to talk about a certain part! Hope you enjoy the movie :)