Fun Findings Friday #98

Emojis are something I use on a daily basis, along with most other smartphone owners. Cue Emojinalysis, an awesome Tumblr account created to analyze your recently used emojis and tell you “what’s wrong with your life.” You can email or tweet a screenshot of yours and send them to the site owner for your diagnosis. There’s a lengthy waiting period to get a response back (I’m somewhere in the queue), but in the meantime, we can enjoy the diagnosis of others’ emojis (see a sample of one below)!

Photo credit: Emojinalysis

Deceptively Delicious Book:
I’ll admit, I don’t always have the best eating habits. But I’ve been looking for some healthier, better snacks and meals to have in my life. I stumbled across a recipe/cookbook, Deceptively Delicious ($12), that’s really supposed to help parents get their kids to eat healthy things and the reviews I’ve read/heard have been nothing but great (I’d also like to point out there were also adults trying it for themselves). Very curious about this book – I might actually try it for myself!

Photo credit: Amazon

“Baby Got Class” Parody Video:
The Holderness family is back at it, with a new parody video in honor of back to school season. “Baby Got Class” comes off of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s famous “Baby Got Back,” so you know this one is going to be hysterical. This family is too awesome – I love it!