Fun Findings Friday #101

Lokai Braclet:
The Lokai Bracelet ($18) hit my radar when my Little (yes, I’m a sorority girl) posted about her new bracelet. I immediately checked the company out and placed an order within minutes. The Lokai Bracelet is a clear beaded bracelet with the exception of two beads – one solid white, the other solid black. In these, water from Mt. Everest (in the white ball) and mud from the Dead Sea (black ball) are held. These represent elements from the highest and lowest points on earth, also signifying the highs and lows in life. Love it! Additionally, 10% of the profit from the bracelets will go to various charities. Double thumbs up.

BareMinerals Mystery Boxes
My favorite makeup brand is BareMinerals, so when their mystery boxes go on sale (usually 2-3 times per year), I can’t wait to buy one! New mystery boxes went on sale today, and if you’re a fan, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these! Available online only for $45, you’ll receive a box full of products worth almost $200 ranging from skincare to makeup!

OITNB/The Golden Girls Remix – Golden is the New Black:
The Golden Girls is one of those timeless TV shows that never gets old, and that I still love watching to this day. Mix that with Orange is the New Black (OITNB), the Netflix original series, and you get “Golden is the New Black.” What exactly is it? The theme song from The Golden Girls playing as if it were the intro for OITNB. Pretty awesome. If you’re a fan of both shows, check it out below!