Exploring Senoia, GA (a.k.a. Woodbury)

This post is for all of my fellow fans of The Walking Dead! I just returned from a trip with my dad to Savannah, GA, including a day in Senoia, GA, or as you may know it, Woodbury. This was actually my second trip to the small Georgia town. The first being on a trip up to Nashville about a year and a half ago with one of my bet friends, Kayla. And from a Walking Dead perspective, TOTALLY different experiences.

First of all, Woodbury as we know it is no more. We all saw the Woodbury Town Hall burn down behind the Governor last season on TWD. That was an actual building in the middle of the main road in town. But you can still recognize the charming little town. The photo below shows the look up the street from around where the barriers were in Woodbury, and in real life, standing in front of the Senoia Cafe.

Our first stop was the Cafe for a quick bite at the only place in town that still boasted its Woodbury name, the Woodbury Cafe. It was packed and had a steady stream of people coming in for the hour or so we were there. You could definitely tell the locals from the Walking Dead fans!


After browsing several of the stores on the main street (Table Talk was my favorite – wish I could shop there all the time!) we made our way to The Woodbury Shoppe, which has more than doubled in size since my last visit! You can buy all kinds of TWD merch – from comics to t-shirts, games, home decor and more. It’s pretty exciting!

Although it’s quite small, there’s also a little Walking Dead museum downstairs in the shop. Here we were able to see things like the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” doors from the pilot episode (season 1, episode 1) Daryl’s motorcycle, and a prison cell.

And at the end of the small room, a little coffee shop, named The Waking Dead. Kind of brilliant. From chatting with some locals I also learned that this location (the shop + cafe) is frequented by cast members, who are filming just up the street.

Yes, STILL filming in Senoia. Just because Woodbury (just a few steps away) is no more, doesn’t mean the show’s done with this area. At the end of Main St., you’ll see railroad tracks (which we obviously needed to stop and pose at – because who knows, they could’ve been one of the filming locations of the MANY railroad tracks scenes we see in the show).

Just beyond the railroad tracks, a sea of white trailers, a security guard sitting out front, and a huge wall surrounding the beautiful colonial homes you can make out in the distance. Washington D.C. spoiler, perhaps?! This is a major location that TWD will be filming at least through 2016 (when their deal to keep that fence up expires).

Unfortunately we missed the filming/cast by less than 10 hours. WOMP. But supposedly they film Monday-Friday – an FYI for anyone who wants to try to catch a glimpse. We did see a MAJOR spoiler though, which I guess we’ll find out details on later this season (they have a few weeks left of filming before they wrap up the current season)!

That was it for our self-guided tour walking around Senoia. But after trying to get more scoop on the filming, we headed back up the street to catch our Atlanta Movie Tours bus, where we were shown around Senoia and some surrounding towns, seeing some of the filming locations for TWD and some other movies and TV shows filmed in the area, which was really awesome!

Are you a fan of TWD? What do you think of Senoia a.k.a. Woodbury?



  1. November 13, 2014 / 1:45 PM

    Love the Walking Dead!!!

  2. November 14, 2014 / 1:04 AM

    I'm heading up to North GA in December and plan to stop here! We are HUGE HUGE HUGE TWD fans! How cool! Thanks for sharing!