Dad-Daughter Trip to Savannah, GA

About a month ago my dad and I decided to take a dad-daughter trip, our first one in a decade! After throwing around a few destination ideas, we settled on Savannah, GA since it’s only about a 5-hour drive. This was my dad’s first trip to Savannah and my second – but not sure if you can truly count my first, since it was a good 14 years ago with my Girl Scout troop!

We arrived in Savannah around 9:30 p.m. and got a second wind to hit the town and go exploring. The city currently holds the title of the “most haunted city in the U.S.,” so you can imagine how eerie it was walking around and only seeing a couple people here and there on our walk down to River Street. In the city’s defense, it was a Wednesday night. As we ventured back to our hotel, we stumbled across McDonough’s (an Irish restaurant/bar), which was packed! The karaoke stage provided for some pretty great entertainment, so we enjoyed hanging out there for quite some time!

The next morning, we ventured a few blocks over to Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room at The Wilkes House, a family-style restaurant with true southern style food (open Monday-Friday from 11-2). I read nothing but top-notch reviews while researching dining options, so I knew this was one place we needed to stop. Unfortunately no reservations are accepted and the wait can be quite lengthy (we stood in line for 40 minutes). If you’re thinking not worth it, think again. The Wilkes house was INCREDIBLE. When you’re let into the restaurant, the food’s already waiting on the table – just about any southern food you can imagine. And if your table’s ~24 bowls of food run low, new ones are rushed out. Serious food coma here. And also, cash only!

We did TONS of much needed walking in Savannah, since when we weren’t walking we were stuffing our faces! One pretty interesting thing we came across on our way down (literally) to River St. was the historic steps. This picture doesn’t do them much justice (I just thought the sign was funny), but yikes! You definitely need to move slowly up/down these.

In the historic area of Savannah, there were quite a few houses that offered tours. We ended up doing 3 during our 2 full days in the city. The first was Juliette Gordon Low’s (the founder of Girl Scouts) childhood home and by far our favorite. The tour guide was a hoot! We also toured the Owens-Thomas and Mercer Williams houses. It was so crazy to imagine what life was like back in the 1800s and that people actually lived in these huge extravagant homes!

Juliette Gordon Low’s Childhood Home

I will admit, we were a bit disappointed with our tour at the Mercer Williams House though. Although both my dad and I have been meaning to read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (this is the house it was based on and movie filmed in), neither of us have gotten around to it, so we didn’t have any specific questions to the creepy events of the house’s past. Our tour guide briefly mentioned the filming of the movie, but didn’t dare dive into the bad/evil history of the house, which was a bummer. That’s what we really wanted to hear about!

Another pretty great meal we had was at The Public, less than a block away from our hotel in the historic district. The weather was really nice so we sat outside and were able to people watch and enjoy the breeze without being too hot or too cold. I opted for the lasagna and more or less took over the cheese platter appetizer that Dad and I shared. YUM!

Being in a super haunted city, we couldn’t pass up doing a ghost tour! There are SO many to choose from (it’s a pretty big business in Savannah), but we went with Blue Orb Ghost Tours, on their adults-only “zombie tour.” The walking tour lasted about 2 hours and we heard some pretty crazy stories, as well as a little history of the city. I’m also pretty convinced that I captured a couple ghosts in pictures I was taking – it’s kind of difficult to see though!

Madison Square

More amazing eats? B. Matthew’s Eatery! If I lived in Savannah, I’d definitely be a frequent visitor there! The brunch was incredible. I went with a traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, biscuit) and a mimosa and was set until well past my normal dinnertime!

On our last night in Savannah, we found our way to the City Market area, which was filled with stores, restaurants, and great live music! Not to mention the cutest little cookie shop, Byrd’s Cookies, where I may or may not have purchased 3 bags of cookies to bring home.

Despite our issues with the hotel we stayed at, we had a really great trip! I’m so happy we were able to have some quality dad-daughter time! Taking the “long way” back home, we stopped in Senoia, GA, where they film one of our favorite shows, The Walking Dead! I posted about our day in “Woodbury” last week. So much fun!

Dad and I in Madison Square

Have you visited Savannah? What was your favorite part?