Golden Tote: November 2014 Review

So I was planning on skipping November’s Golden Tote (shocking, I know), but I couldn’t resist a pair of pants they posted as a spoiler. They looked SO comfortable! Unfortunately they were only available in the large ($149) tote so once again, I splurged. In my (sort of) defense, I’m in need of some more winter-friendly work clothes (on the rare days it gets cold in Florida) and really, I just LOVE fall/winter clothes. So what did I get? Check it out below (click here for my past GT reviews)!

French Terry Drawstring Pants
My first pick for November were these French Terry Drawstring Pants. Instead of a button or zipper, these pants have a drawstring, which is new to me. GT recommended sizing down a size (they’re available in S, M, L), which made me nervous but I took their word for it – and am very glad I did! These pants are super comfortable and are going to be worn quite a bit!

Chunky Knit Pullover
I wasn’t sure which item to choose for my second item (you get 2 picks in the large tote), but after flip-flopping between a sweater and a dress, I opted for the Chunky Knit Pullover, and chunky it is, indeed. I kind of drown in it when it’s on, but it’s hands down the coziest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned and I’m not going to let it go! This is definitely one to wear around the house and possibly pair with leggings (it’s a little too long for jeans).

Le Lis Paisley Top
I’ve been loving the Le Lis tops GT has been selecting as surprise items lately, so I was excited to find one in my tote! The material is incredibly soft and feels a bit like a satin pillowcase. I could nap all day long in this Paisley Top. Unfortunately I’m not crazy about the split design of the shirt, so I’ll definitely be looking to trade this one.

Miracle Sweater
Hands down my favorite item in my November tote was the Miracle Sweater. It’s similar to the Lace Knit Pullover I received in my October tote (in the shoulders), and is flattering, stylish, and comfy. What more could a girl ask for?!

Priddy by Puella Dress
Priddy by Puella is the brand created by the ladies who founded GT and pop up quite a bit in totes. I received what I believe is my third Priddy by Puella Dress, always hit or miss for me. Although I like the design of this dress, it wasn’t very flattering on me, so I’m putting it up on the FSOT (for sale or trade) boards.

Lumiere Blouse
At first glance I wasn’t sold on the Lumber Blouse, it looked a bit much. But after trying it on I realized it’d be a great top for work and is a great addition to my closet, since I don’t own anything similar design- or style-wise.

I must say, I’m pretty glad I ordered a November tote. Out of the 6 items I received, there were only 2 that I don’t plan to keep, that I’ll either sell or trade. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t receive either of the surprise items I requested in my order though. It’s never guaranteed that you’ll get one (they post spoilers on their social sites prior to sale day), but I had high hopes that I’d at least get one. Womp.

December’s sale is right around the corner – less than 2 weeks but who’s counting?! Rumor has it they’ll also be putting some exciting things up for Black Friday next week! If you’re on the fence about trying Golden Tote, that might be the time to bite the bullet. I started with a small ($49) tote earlier this year to dip my feet in and have been very happy overall with the company and have some incredible additions to my closet because of them!

Are you a Golden Toter? What were your favorite items this month?

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