Christmas Gift Guide 2014: 5 Picks for Dogs

Saying my dog is spoiled is kind of an understatement. Sheba’s SUPER spoiled. And just because she can’t open presents completely on her own with her paws, she’s still part of the family and deserves some awesome Christmas presents. And your dog does too! Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the pup in your life!

Bocce’s Bakery Holiday Biscuit Box

Bocce’s Bakery always does well by dogs! Their Holiday Biscuit Box ($28) makes for a great little Christmas gift, featuring 3 8 oz. bags of high-quality festive flavored treats. You can always give the whole set as a gift or split it up into 3 separate gifts (depending on how many dogs you’re shopping for).

Whistle Activity Monitor

I’m big on fitness trackers for humans, and why shouldn’t your dog have one too!? The Whistle Activity Monitor ($99) tracks your dog’s sleep and activity, allowing you to keep tabs whether you’re home or away. This is a great tool to make sure your dog’s getting enough movement during the day and also to alert you if something’s abnormal.

ZippyPaw’s Holiday Hedgehog

Your dog obviously needs some kind of festive toy, so why not go for the Holiday Hedgehog ($6-$13)?! I’m not sure what exactly it is that makes this toy so adorable, but it’s definitely one that would get a lot of play time with Sheebs!


BarkBox ($19+/month) is the classic gift for dogs, sending a monthly box of goodies including all-natural treats and toys. Whether it’s one month or a year subscription, your dog will LOVE getting goodies in the mail (Sheba now thinks all the boxes that come in the door are for her)!

Personalized Paw Print Cookie Cutter

Although dogs can’t bake, they’re always happy to be the designated taste tester. The Personalized Paw Print Cookie Cutter ($18) is one of my favorite Etsy finds and something that I’m eyeing up as a present for Sheba this year! Dog treats are easy to make and require ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, so when you’re baking some human treats, you can whip some doggie ones up too!