BarkBox: December 2014 Review

I was happy to find that this month’s BarkBox was extremely festive and included lots of Christmas items! It arrived just after I returned from my London trip, so it was a very nice welcome home present for Sheba! At $19 for the box (we subscribed for another full year), the box was well-rounded with 2 toys, 2 treats, and an extra surprise.

Quaker Elf Henrik the Elf Toy
The first item we found in the box, Henrik the Elf ($10), was so adorable! I was very happy to see a festive toy since the past couple holidays there haven’t really been any themed items which was a disappointment. There aren’t any squeakers in this guy, but Sheba has been toting him around quite a bit since he arrived a couple weeks ago!

Happy Holidays My Doggy Treats
The Happy Holidays My Doggy Treats ($5) were a great addition during the Christmas season! Dried cranberry and apple honey-flavored, Sheba was able to indulge in these while us humans devoured tons of Christmas cookies. Snacks for all!

BarkMade Yuletide Log
Another festive toy this month, I love it! The Yuletide Log ($12) material was a bit like corduroy pants, so unfortunately this is one that Sheba passed on. It wasn’t a complete lost cause though. I took a trip to my local Humane Society and dropped a big bag of treats and toys off just before Christmas. Some pup will be very happy with this toy!

Safemade Holiday Bandana
My childhood dog growing up was always dressed in bandanas for various occasions, but it’s not something that I’ve done much with Sheba. I was really excited when this Safemade Holiday Bandana ($8) arrived though, and was sure to put it on her before heading over to my parents’ on Christmas Eve. Very cute!

Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal
Not surprisingly, Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal ($7) were Sheba’s least favorite item in the box. In fact, she sniffed them and walked right away – won’t even eat them! She’s been a good girl this year, so I don’t blame her! I think I’ll reach out to the BarkBox team and see if we can swap this out for something a little better suited for her.

Subscription boxes can be hit, miss, or somewhere between the two. This month’s BarkBox was a down-the-middle in terms of items Sheba liked, but we were able to donate the ones she won’t use to  pups in the shelter for Christmas.

Next month’s box should be interesting – it’s the first month in awhile that hasn’t had a major holiday tied to it. But nonetheless, Sheba’s already looking forward to her next package of goodies in the mail!

Did your dog get a BarkBox this month? What was his/her favorite item?

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