Fun Findings Friday #113

Target + Lilly Pulitzer Line:
Target’s on a serious role with collab-o’s lately! After releasing their collection with TOMS during the Christmas season, they just announced their new partnership with Lilly Pulitzer, and that new products will be available on April 19! I’m not a crazed-Pulitzer fan, but I’m still excited to check out the new collection when it lands in stores. But based on the Lilly P fan base, I’m sure Target will be looking like Black Friday when launch-day rolls around!

Photo credit: PopSugar

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test:
You might think I’m crazy for this, but all my fellow dog moms will back me up! For Christmas, I received a Wisdom Panel Dog DNA ($65) test to finally identify which breeds my beloved shelter-adopted Sheba has in her. When people ask what kind of dog she is, I normally throw out Shiba Inu/Beagle mix. But really, I don’t know. I’m so excited to get her detailed results chart back in less than 2 weeks (don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the results)! Have you done a DNA test on your dog or know anyone who has?!

Photo credit: Amazon

Baby Panda’s First Snow Day:
I stumbled across the most adorable video earlier in the week and no matter what kind of mood you’re in, good or bad, it’ll lift your spirits x 1000. Do you remember your first snow day or just playing in the snow in general? Reminisce with Baby Bao the panda who’s experiencing snow for this first time. SO stinkin’ cute.