Flemings Mayfair London

We’re officially halfway through the week, yay! My show-and-tell of London continues today, with a look at the second hotel we stayed at in the city, the Flemings Mayfair.

Our stay here was the biggest splurge of the trip, as the hotel was located in Mayfair, steps away from Green Park (where Buckingham Palace sits at the end of). In terms of location, this place was incredible! We were centrally located to most of the tourist locations and the tube station, which got us to the places a little further out quickly. The Flemings Mayfair was tucked away down a side street, giving it an extremely quaint environment. Plus, it was beautifully lit up at night with Christmas decorations!

The first thing I noticed when we got to our room was the desk area, since it was right next to me when I opened the door. Although I don’t typically use the desk in hotel rooms, I LOVED this setup! Mainly because the fancy royal-looking dog portrait hanging above, but also because of the iHome, which made me feel a little more at home (although I wished it was next to the bed instead of across the room).

Peering into the heart of the room, there were 2 twin beds (takes me back to college days – definitely don’t miss the small beds) and a suitcase rest/seat at the end of the bed, which absolutely came in handy.

I loved the lounge-y set up with the couch and coffee table. We were able to make tea in our room, so this was our daily place to sit and drink tea/eat biscuits while getting ready or winding down from the day. Oddly, we ended up sitting on the floor a bit too so we could face the TV (especially when we caught the end of the BBC Awards).

A glimpse of the bathroom (including the toiletries). Being in the heart of London, the room was a bit smaller here than everywhere else we stayed. Most noticeably, the bathroom.


Hanging in the rear of the shower was the most amazing contraption I’ve ever used. A towel heater. Sure I’ve had the warm towels in restaurants or on planes, but let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like a warm towel after you get out of a hot shower and step out into cooler air (insert mental picture of heavenly music + emoji here). Everyone should have one of these in their lives.

I caught a quick snap of the lobby on our way out the door for adventure. Quite lovely with fresh cinnamon sticks and a cute decorated tree!

We had a great stay at this charming little hotel, which made us feel almost like locals, since it didn’t have a true hotel feel to it (felt more like we were renting a flat). Wishing I could teleport myself back there now!