Birchbox Limited Edition: Fresh Start Box Review

I’ve been doing well and not ordering tons of subscription boxes like I did last year due to me trying to be a little more frugal and also feeling extremely cluttered at home (I’m in serious need of a good spring cleaning)! But Birchbox’s latest Limited Edition Box – Fresh Start ($42) caught my eye and I couldn’t resist treating myself to it! I already knew what was coming in the box, since Birchbox always lists the products included in their limited edition boxes, but I was still very excited!

I love how colorful the limited edition boxes always are! The bright green definitely fit the “Fresh Start” name and I got a strong whiff of relaxation when I opened the box – it smelled like a spa!

Bombas Ankle Socks
One of my favorite bloggers wrote about Bombas a couple months ago and I’ve been dying to try them out ever since. As weird as it sounds, the socks ($9) were one of the biggest selling points of this box for me.. and they didn’t disappoint!

Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner
I don’t always use conditioner on my hair, but I’m excited to try out this amazing-smelling Leave-In Conditioner ($10)! I’ve never heard of Yarok but the product has nothing but great reviews from what I’ve seen!

Ilia Lip Gloss
I’ve never heard of the Ilia brand until now, but I’m loving The Butterfly & I Lip Gloss ($24)! It’s a great shade that just kind of blends into your natural lip color and is also moisturizing, and most importantly, not sticky!

Mullein & Sparrow Bath Salts
I’m not one to take baths often, but when I do I like to line the tub with great smelling bath salts. This might be where the “spa” smell was mostly coming from in the box – these rose-scented bath salts ($4.50) are definitely going to get used. Such a soothing scent!

Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush
The Vapour Multi-Use Blush ($21) is the one item that I’m not going to keep from the box. Kind of unfortunate since it’s one of the more high-valued items, but I feel weird about the different uses this one item has. It’s just not for me.

Fig + Yarrow Healing Salve
I’ve yet to try the Fig + Yarrow Healing Salve ($6), but I know this little tin is definitely going to come in handy! Made up of soothing herbs and oils, this stuff is supposed to be great for any skin problems such as razor burn or dry skin.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream 
A lot of the Juice Beauty brand products I’ve seen are “age defying.” At 24, that’s not really a concern for me, so I’ve kind of glanced over them in the past. However, when the box arrived, my hands were a little dry (how convenient) so I decided to give it a try and am very glad I did! The Juice Beauty Hand Cream ($12) immediately was thrown into my purse and now comes with me everywhere. I’ll definitely order more of these – it’s lightweight and soaks right into your skin!

KOR Aura Water Bottle
I really love the design and color of this water bottle ($10). Different from my other designated workout water bottles, this is one I plan on carrying in my bag around town. It’s also BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and has a hidden drinking spout, to keep your drinking hygienic.

Bonus Sample – Mighty Leaf Tea
BirchBox allowed us to choose a sample with this purchase but I totally forgot to select mine. Lucky for me, they chose for me and included 3 packets of Mighty Leaf tea! I’ve had Mighty Leaf a couple times and really love it so I’m very pleased with my surprise sample!

Yes I knew what was coming in this box, but I hadn’t tried most of the products included. That said, I’m extremely happy with it! The Limited Edition Box – Fresh Start Box retails at approximately $96 but you can get it (just like I did) by using the code “TAKEOFF20” for 20% off, bringing your total down to $33.60! Gotta love coupon codes!

Which item is your favorite in the Limited Edition Fresh Start Box?