PetBox #2 Review

At Christmastime, I purchased a BOGO deal on a premium PetBox subscription for Sheba. The first box arrived at the end of December (read my review here) and was a box curated by the PetBox team. This time around I opted to curate the box myself, and was given a certain number of points to use in the PetBox shop to do so. So this review is a bit skewed, since I picked all of the items and know what types of toys/treats Sheba likes!

The Premium box is $40 each month and contains 4-6 items. It’s a little expensive for one month in my opinion, so the BOGO deal worked out nicely, being $20 for each box. PetBox does offer other subscription plans, starting at $10/month, if you’re interested!

Scents of Security Hippo
I chose this Hippo ($9) because it was fuzzy – Sheba’s favorite characteristic in a toy. I didn’t realize it had the scents and security component until after it arrived, but love the idea! As a pet parent, you’re supposed to put something with your scent (e.g. a shirt, towel) to help calm anxiety in your pup when you’re not able to be there with them. The item you place in has to be pretty small which is the only downside, but I’m very curious to see how this works! Sheba already loves the toy as is!

Dynamo Dental Bone
Last week I posted about Pet Dental Month as a reminder to keep an eye on your dogs’ teeth. The Dynamo brand is new to me, but I liked that it was a treat that supports dental health, and so couldn’t pass the Dynamo Dental Bone ($4) up. Sheba really liked this one, which I’m very happy about!

Barkworthies Chews
We’ve received a lot of Barkworthies Chews ($4 each) from other subscription boxes in the past, and they’re always a hit with Sheba, so I decided to add two of them to her box. They weren’t too costly in terms of points so we went with a familiar brand!

Skinneez Masked Bandit
Sheba’s favorite item from her first PetBox was a skunk Skinneez Masked Bandit ($8) and when I saw that a new “masked bandit” was available as an option, I jumped on it. This little chipmunk/squirrel is adorable! We had an extra bag of squeakers with the skunk in the last box, which didn’t come with this one, but I haven’t used all of the last batch up so we’re good for now!

Flush Puppies Wallet Pack
The last item wasn’t an item Sheba concerned herself with, but is something that as a dog mommy is an every day essential. My neighborhood has stations all around stocked with poop bags, but you can never have enough of them as a dog mom – it’s like diapers for human babies! The pack of Flush Puppie Doodie Bags ($8) are easy to tote around wherever you may be with your pup. They’re also supposedly safe to flush down the toilet! Not something I plan to do ever, but good to know they’re eco-friendly!

What treats/toys are your dog’s favorite?

  • Kat

    I've debated getting one of these for my pug but he's 13 and not into doing much besides sleeping – he thinks they're pretty awesome though ;)

  • I'm sure he wouldn't be able to resist the treats! It's worth a shot!