5 Ways to De-Stress

With so much going on in our lives, it’s easy to get stressed out or overcome with anxiety easily. And although stress is inevitable, there are always things you can do to take a step back, unwind, and de-stress. Below are 5 of my favorite ways to do so.

Netflix Binging: One of my favorite ways to unplug from whatever’s stressing me out is finding a show to binge watch. I usually get sucked into TV shows pretty quickly, and regardless of stress or not, enjoy the craziness of the peoples’ lives in the show. When stressed, it’s an even better escape!

Taking a Walk/Exercising: Although exercise might be the last thing you want to do when stressed, it’s actually really helpful, and once you start the workout (even as simple as a walk), you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders!

Venting to a Friend: Talking/Venting to a friend about whatever stress I’m feeling is always helpful. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, you’ll likely get good advice, some laughs, and tons of comfort in knowing that you have people to support you.

Taking a Bubble Bath: Super stressful days call for filling the bathtub with calming scents of bath salts/bubbles, lighting candles, and just relaxing. There’s nothing quite like a warm bath to wash stress away!

Using RESCUE Pastilles: Finding a helpful natural stress reliever is also a great way to manage stress! The black currant-flavored lozenge’s include natural ingredients that work to de-stress you, giving you focus, courage/presence of mind, patience, and a balanced mind. They’re also great to carry with you when on-the-go! If lozenges aren’t your thing, you can also check out some of their other stress-relieving products (available at CVS, Walgreens, and Whole Foods) and use this BOGO coupon! 

What are some of your favorite ways to de-stress?

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  • dailysouthernsunshine

    MMM! Bubble baths. Why are those so amazing? I have to take one tonight now! ;)

  • I normally go for a run – but I'm also a Netflix binge fan!!

  • Crystal H

    Those are some of my favorite ways to destress too. I am going to have to check out RESCUE though. I keep hearing about them everywhere and could definitely use extra help with my stress.

  • CDG

    Hanging out with you wicked cool Dad is a stress buster, too! Luv your blog! CDG