2 Nights at The Embassy Row Hotel

One week ago today, Ted and I hopped on a plane and flew to Washington DC for a few days of vacation and to celebrate my 25th birthday! While the full trip recap is still to come, I thought I’d start off with talking about our 2-night stay at The Embassy Row Hotel (ERH).

After lots of research, we settled on this hotel for a couple big reasons. First, its central location (in Dupont Circle) to all of the things we wanted to do. And second, because the ERH just completed a $15 MILLION renovation just a few months ago, which is pretty exciting!

We arrived around 1 p.m. so our room wasn’t quite ready yet, so we checked our bags with the bellhop and headed out to begin our DC adventure. I couldn’t resist snapping a few lobby photos while we waited – I LOVED the color scheme and the modern, fresh look of the place!

Their Station Kitchen & Cocktails dining area seemed to have a steady stream of visitors as well, even mid-day!

A few hours later, we made it back to the hotel to check in and relax for a few minutes before heading back out. When the front desk agent pulled our reservation up to check us in, he saw a note that our stay was during my birthday, so we were upgraded!

Our room looked very similar to the photos we had seen on the website prior to our stay, which I was happy about. I’m kind of obsessed with the color scheme (namely the blues they use)!

Our room also had a Keurig machine, so I felt quite at home! You better believe I took advantage of this and brewed coffee (tea was also available) while I got ready in the mornings. Plus, the little coffee bar contained to-go cups, sugar, coffee creamer, stirrers, etc. We also had two complimentary bottles of water on the desk/table, which was great!

Next up, the bathroom. With our room upgrade, we had L’Occitane products – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, and a shower cap! The bathroom was a bit small, as you couldn’t really get into the shower if the bathroom door wasn’t closed all the way.

There was a full-length mirror right outside the bathroom though, which definitely came in handy!

Our room had a pretty nice view of the area, and directly across from us was the Embassy of Indonesia. It was very cool to see some of the comings and goings through the gate. And it was crazy to see how big their property was (it spans from the brick building on the left to the white building with red roof on the right)!

The Embassy Row Hotel also has a rooftop bar that looked pretty fab online! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it up there due to some insane rain in the area, when we had planned to go.

My biggest gripe? The $9.95/day Hotel Service Fee added to the cost of the room + taxes. I’m not sure what all it entails, but I know Wi-Fi is part of it. This seems like it should be factored into the cost of the room!

The best part? The location! While it wasn’t right next to the big monuments and museums, it was easy to get to Georgetown and the White House by foot, and the National Zoo and monuments/big tourist attractions by metro. Plus, there were a ton of restaurants, shops, and embassies nearby! We’d definitely stay here again!

Have you visited DC? What’s your favorite area of town to stay in?

I received a discounted rate for this stay. All opinions are my own.
  • Ashley Chase

    I love that room! And any room with a keurig is going to be great!

    • It was great! And yes! Couldn’t agree more about the Keurig. It’s a necessity these days!

  • Crystal H

    The hotel is gorgeous! I love the bed and the bathroom sink!

    • My thoughts exactly! I think they did well with the renovation (even though I didn’t see the before)!

  • Um, that hotel looks amazing! I can’t wait to read a full recap. DC is on my travel list!

    • It was great! And DC was so much fun, there’s a ton to see/do!

  • That’s awesome! Please tell me your secret for how to get discounted rates at hotels!!