Eyefi Review + Giveaway

Update on the DSLR camera I bought at the end of last month? I am LOVING it. I’m still learning the ropes of shooting in manual mode, so if anyone has a recommendation on a photography class, please let me know! I think it’d be helpful to hear some insights from the pros, for sure.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the only real thing bothering me about the camera (and not even the camera itself), is the fact that I needed to wait until I could get to my computer, pop in the memory card, and upload, before I could send photos to friends/fam or post on social media.

Cue my discovery of Eyefi (mentioned in my Fun Findings Friday post), which seemed like it would solve this issue. Well, I’ve spent the last couple weeks testing it out, and *insert hallelujah hands up emoji* it’s awesome, and does indeed solve the problem.


Here’s how it works.

First, you need a Wi-Fi enabled camera (this includes DSLRs) – to check compatibility of your camera(s) click here. Then, you’re set to pop your 8, 16, or 32GB Eyefi Mobi card into your camera.


Next, download the Eyefi app (Apple, Windows, Android) on your phone and/or tablet and follow set up instructions.




You’ll also connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi on your phone, which will save for easy transfer of your photos.


Once you’re ready to move the photos from your camera to your phone/tablet/computer, keep your camera on and open up the Eyefi app. The transfer will happen automatically!


Post-transfer, you’ll be able to see all of your photos across multiple devices (thanks to Eyefi’s cloud service) and can save, send, and share, as well as crop and tag for quick reference. The only downside is that every single photo is transferred, rather than ones you select (the selective transfer is currently only available with the 32GB card), so the number of photos moved over can be overwhelming if you’ve taken a lot of photos.


So far, my experience with Eyefi has been fantastic! If you own a camera (and especially if you’re a blogger), it’s a product I highly recommend! Being able to access your photos on the spot is pretty awesome!

And on that note, I’m excited to be partnering with Eyefi to give away an 8GB Eyefi Mobi card to one of you lucky readers! Post your favorite summer travel photo, using the hashtag #EyefiSummer!


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What’s your favorite summer travel memory?

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

  • I’ve heard great things about A Beautiful Mess’s DSLR course (here: http://shop.abeautifulmess.com/shop/classes/dslr-basics) though I haven’t taken it myself!

    • I’ll look into that one, thank you!

      • Most welcome! x You’ll have to tell me what it’s like if you do decide to do it! xx

  • I’ve been wanting to try an Eyefi card! I love my DSLR but the one big drawback is the fact that I can’t easily post a great picture to Instagram when I’m traveling. Now I’m even more convinced I need to get one, although I’d really love to be able to select which picture to transfer. *sigh* The dilemma ;)

    • #firstworldproblems for real lol. It’s easy to delete the ones you don’t want, so I think the pros outweigh the con – it’s definitely worth being able to access them when traveling!

  • i don’t have a fancy camera but this is so fabulous! love it.

    • If you ever get one, this is the memory card to go with, for sure!

  • Fancy!! I need to get a camera asap.

    • It’s a big splurge, but (so far) worth the investment!

  • Shann Eva

    Wow. That’s a really great tool to have. I’m not sure if my camera would be compatible or not. I’ll have to check it out. thanks!

    • Hopefully it is! It really is awesome to be able to access photos on the spot!

  • I’m not sure if they have one in your area but I am loving my National Camera classes! They have 3 levels of DSLR classes and then specific topics post that (i.e. landscape, fireworks, etc.)

    • That’s awesome! I don’t think we have National Camera here, but I’ll keep an eye out for other similar local places. There’s so much to learn!

  • This is VERY cool! Kind of like my GoPro (as in I can just watch my photos on my phone or iPad!)

    Naomi in Wonderland

    • Exactly! No more waiting until you get home and waiting for everything to upload onto the comp!

  • This is SO cool! One of my favorite memories is spending my summers on the beach at camp!

    • Right!! That sounds like an awesome time! Oh how I miss summer vacations as a kid!

  • <3 the heck out of this product! I love this idea and I may have to convince my husband to buy me one! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    • It’s great! Get your entries in and maybe you’ll win one ;)

  • I’m so glad you posted this review! I have been wanting an Eyefi forever now! When I got my camera, I originally purchased a camera with built in wifi, but returned it for the better DSLR. I was slightly bummed that I would have to do things the hassle way with cords, etc but then I discovered this little memory card of a gem! So glad to hear you like it. Now I’m definitely going to have to get one soon!

    • Thanks! I never thought much about Wi-Fi in a camera (such an odd concept), but being able to access your photos on the spot is pretty awesome! Get your entries in and maybe you’ll win one :)

  • Wow, that looks awesome!!! We used to spend our summers in WV visiting with my extended family. I went back there two weeks ago but prior to that it had been years since I’ve visited.

    • That sounds so nice! I’ve never been, but I want to get to all 50 states in the next 5 years.. I have quite a bit of moves to make!

  • I love my Nikon!

    • Me too! I was torn between Nikon and Canon but so far I’ve been very happy with my pick!

  • My favorite summer memory is hanging by the river in Richmond, VA and swimming with friends. I hope to win this EyeFi, they are a local company to me!

    • That sounds like a fab time! Very cool that Eyefi is local for you, maybe you’ll get a sneak peek at new things they’re working on!

  • I don’t have a wifi camera but my next one will be! I so want one of these

    • I didn’t think much about it when I first bought my camera and now I’m SO happy I did! This is the best camera accessory!

  • This is so cool and would be so helpful for me! I am always spending time taking photos on my Nikon, transfering them to my computer manually, editing them and then emailing them to myself so I can post on Instagram! The struggle is real!!

  • Jessica Peeling

    Just all the times with my family and friends either going on vacation or relaxing at the beach!

  • ashleigh allan

    All my summer holidays!

  • Sharill Yalisse (from Kiddo Ap

    Oh forget about what’s my favorite memory! I need this lol! I didn’t know something like this existed and I. MUST. HAVE. IT. NOW! ok, now to my favorite memories?.. hmmm I guess any moment that my family of three is together enjoying the outdoors, something similar to hiking in a National Park like we are doing this weekend!!! yay

  • This last weekend is pretty high up there in my favorite summer memory! But there are so many good times it’s hard to choose just one!