BarkBox: July 2015 Review

It’s BarkBox time again! Sheba couldn’t wait to dive in (as usual) as soon as I carried her BarkBox through the front door. Upon opening the box up, we discovered it was Circus-themed, which sounded like it was filled with great potential – Sheba’s nose seemed to think so too.

Butcher’s Block Beef Knee Cap ($3)

Saying/thinking about the name of this product makes me cringe a little bit (can we work on renaming, BarkBox?). That aside, I’m happy to know that Sheba’s indulging in an all-natural treat (especially since it’s pretty big) that’s made in the US!

Encore Firehouse Dog Toy ($15)

I was really disappointed to find this frisbee-like toy in our box this month, after a BarkBox rep informed me that Sheba’s profile was updated to not receive any chew-type toys. While this isn’t necessarily a chew toy (more of a tug/toss one), it still doesn’t fall into either of the two categories of toys she plays with – rubber balls and furry toys with squeakers, so off to the donate pile this one goes.

FeelGood Trail Blazin’ Bits ($6)

Treats from FeelGood are included often in BarkBox (or maybe we’ve just seen them a lot since we’ve subscribed for quite some time now), but Sheba’s not a fan of them. I’m not sure if it’s the texture or the taste (maybe both?) of the treats, but we didn’t even give them a try this time. These will be donated as well!

BarkMade Chicken Biscuits ($8)

The packaging on these treats was the best! Popcorn is one of my favorite foods – and a staple at the circus, so these fit perfectly with the theme. Although there’s no popcorn in this cup, Sheba’s been gobbling these treats up like there’s no tomorrow!

BarkMade Circus Elephant ($13)

My favorite item in the box was this adorable Circus Elephant, made exclusively for BarkBox! Sheba’s pulled it out from her toy basket a few times, but I’m starting to think she thinks it’s just as adorable, because she hasn’t torn it up like most of her other favorite fluffy toys. I’m thinking it’s a new way of endearment, like she pulls the shoes off one of my old Build-a-Bears and knocks it onto the ground, but never (thankfully) destroys it.

Weirdly, the info card that came in our box didn’t match up with most of the items received. Not sure if that means we received the wrong items, or the wrong card. Either way, we were 3/5 this month on the like/dislike scale. Not terrible, but I’m hoping we start going back to the 4 or 5/5 days soon. Our donate pile is starting to get pretty big!

Don’t mind Sheba’s “serious” face (a rare occurrence) – she’s still getting use to the sound/flash on the DSLR camera!

Are you a BarkBox subscriber? What did you/your pup think of this month’s box?

  • Rosie got the elephant in her barkbox this month, too, and it was the first thing she pulled out of it! She’s obsessed with it! She also got the knee caps, which she normally goes crazy for, but for some strange reason, she will not touch these! So weird!

    • So funny that both our pups are loving that elephant so much! Weird about the knee caps. Maybe she just wanted a break from them!

  • This is such a cute idea! I bet your cute doggy loved it!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

    • She did! She now thinks every box I bring in is for her :)

  • Aww my dog would LOVE this. So much great stuff!

    • Yes! It’s always fun to see the different themes each month too!