Blog Buddies: Meet Ashley!

I love blogging and all of the awesome opportunities that have come by way from it. One of the best? Networking and meeting/befriending new bloggers! I decided to sign up for a blog buddy program and have been chatting with Ashley for the past month, learning more about her (she just opened up an Etsy shop)!, sharing my insights on moving into the sponsored post realm, and getting tips from Ashley on launching my sponsorship program (it’s live today!). It’s been so great connecting with someone who shares a passion for blogging and who I never would’ve met if it weren’t for our blogs/this program! I’ll let Ashley take it from here.


Hi I’m Ashley from Keeping Up With Ashley and Cody. I’m excited that Rachel has let me take over the blog today. I love getting to know each and every reader, so feel free to leave comments below and I will be happy to reply. Rachel sent me over some awesome questions and I’m here today to answer them.

What kind of topics can we find you writing about on Keeping Up With Ashley & Cody?
I love writing and found blogging to be a way for me to express my thoughts, ideas, and life updates. You will not find one main topic over at Keeping Up With Ashley & Cody. I enjoy writing about life happenings, inspiration posts, college and life tips, marriage, and so much more.You are bound to find a topic you enjoy reading when browsing through my archive posts.

Tell me about life in Oregon! What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love living in Oregon. We are surrounding by a variety of scenery and climates. We are lucky to live less than two hours away from the ocean, big city, desert, and mountains. I enjoy a trip to the beach, a winery visit, spending time with my hubby watching the latest movies or tv shows, or blogging. Family is a priority in my life, so you can also find me snatching up my nephews and niece for the weekend.
You love to shop (who doesn’t?!) – what stores do you find yourself handing money over to most often? 
What a hard question. I love shopping and my bank account shows it. I love Target, Thredup, Michaels, Victoria Secrets, and Famous Footwear. As you can tell I cannot just shop at one store.
What are some of your favorite fall activities? 
This year I am hoping to venture out and try some new places and fall traditions with my hubby. My favorite part of fall is the holiday season. I love starting to shop and plan Christmas. I love decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I want to go to a pumpkin patch and to Octoberfest this year. Each fall my hubby and I get our yearly pictures done. This year I am looking forward to sprucing up our holiday cards with the new pictures.
You’re on the homestretch for finishing college! What are your post-college plans?
I’m getting anxious to finish school, but stressed at the same time. I still have tests to pass and student teaching right around the corner. I’m looking forward to starting my profession as a teacher by getting my dream job. I hope to then travel and enjoy my summers off (perks of being a teacher) and starting a family. 
What’s your favorite post you’ve written lately?
Again… A hard question. I love all my posts. I really enjoyed writing “Everyone Needs Forgiveness,” “21st Birthday Wants,” and “Ways to Celebrate Your 21st!” I have many great posts planned that I could add to this list, so you will have to come check out my blog to see what creative posts I have been writing lately. 


  1. Mandi
    September 30, 2015 / 1:09 PM

    i love the idea of a blog buddy! how fun!

  2. October 1, 2015 / 3:47 AM

    Meeting a new blogger you click with is always the best!!