Happy 6th Birthday, Sheba!

Today’s post is short and sweet, but super important to share, since I know so many of you are Sheba fans.

It’s Sheba’s birthday! Well, at least her designated day. Since she’s a rescue, I don’t know her exact date of birth or really how old she is, but based on the info I received when I adopted her, this is what I decided on!

Did you know it’s also Adopt a Shelter Dog month? Sheba was an “uh-oh (fur)child” in the sense that I wasn’t planning on getting a dog at all, but as soon as I laid eyes on Sheba, I knew this dog adoption was something I needed to do! (Check out my post on why you should adopt a shelter dog).

So happy birthday to the unexpected best thing ever – my best bud, the biggest bed hog (see proof below + note the bed WAS completely made before she walked in) and trusty sidekick, Sheba!

And to the rest of you, happy humpday! We’ve made it halfway through the week!

  • Happy Birthday!!!

    • Thanks, Steph! As expected, she had a fabulous birthday with lots of treats and toys! So spoiled!

  • CDG

    She’s good with you, but she still like her Grandpop best! CDG

  • Renee Sitavich

    Dogs are the best!! (Don’t let me kitties read that!) My puppy Tuck will turn 1 in just under 2 weeks. Happy Birthday Sheba1!

    • They really are! Happy (almost) birthday to your puppy too!

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    Awe, Happy Birthday Sheba! :)

  • Happy birthday Sheba!!!

  • rebecca

    So cute! Love the halloween outfit

    Also, SO happy I came across your blog, I love it =]




    • Thanks so much, Rebecca :) Glad you found it too!

  • emi

    so sweet! nothing better than a dog on their birthday! they don’t even know it but deserve all the love :)

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  • awww happy birthday Sheba! love the halloween outfits.

    • Thanks, Kristen! Still trying to figure out what she’ll be for Halloween this year!

  • Happy Birthday to your fur baby! Rosie turns 2 in December!

    • Thank you! Rosie’s birthday will be here before you know it. They grow up so fast (human or furchild)!!

  • Happy birthday, Sheba! I love your costumes at the last picture.

  • Aw, Happy Birthday Sheba!! You are so cute.

    <3 Have Ashley

  • Cat

    Sheba is SO sweet! She has one of those faces that makes her look like a perpetual puppy, you know? What kind of a mix is she, do you have any idea?


    • Thanks, Cat! I wasn’t expecting to adopt her, but the face is what drew me in lol. Everyone always thinks she’s a puppy still! She definitely has beagle in her, but I think a combo of some other mixed breeds as well.

      • Cat

        Oh, beagle, I could see that! I could also maybe see yellow lab or even shiba inu? I wasn’t planning on adopting my dog either (let’s just say you can’t “just go visit” a high kill animal shelter), but her gentle disposition won me over too :) I know how it goes!