A Wagging Tail for Rachael Ray Nutrish

Sheba’s unofficial job is food and toy testing. She loves receiving packages in the mail and finding new goodies to sample. The latest arrival? A package from the famous chef, Rachael Ray! While you’re probably familiar with her delicious recipes for humans, you might not know that she has a line of grain-free dog food, called Rachael Ray Nutrish. As usual, Sheba’s nose started going crazy the second I walked in with the package. She couldn’t wait until the box was opened so she could get her sniff on. rachael ray dog food After that was out of the way, she was more than happy to pose with her goodies. Her look says it all – yep, it’s Sheba-approved (she already knew before she even sampled the food)! sheba rachael ray food Despite being in a deep sleep in another room, the second Sheba heard me open the bag and the smell of the Zero Grain Beef with Bison Dog Food hit the air, she came running! I’ve never seen her so excited to get to her food dish (she normally waits until certain times of the day to nibble here and there from her bowl). sheba rachael ray dog food If you couldn’t tell, Sheba LOVES this food! The food is high-quality and natural, which is a double thumbs up for me, as a dog mom. This is definitely a great way to ensure your pup is happy and well-nourished, along with 2+ daily walks, playtime, and lots of love! Nutrish recipes are inspired by the recipes Rachael Ray uses in her own kitchen, and are used with simple, natural ingredients, and real meat. What I also love? A portion of the proceeds from this line go directly to Rachael’s Rescue, a charity created to help shelter pets in need. So far, $9 million have been donated! rachael ray dog food Remember, it typically takes 5-10 days to transition your pup from their current food to a new one. So be sure to introduce it into their diet slowly! You can also keep up with the latest from the brand by following along on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Have you tried Rachael Ray’s Nutrish for your pup? Or any of her human recipes for yourself?



  1. Donnica Smalls
    October 12, 2015 / 10:44 PM

    Aww that face :) My pup has tried the Nutrish wet food. Chicken Paw Pie is his favorite. I’ll have to look into the dry food as well.

    • October 13, 2015 / 8:53 PM

      She has the best expressions :) I’m sure Sheba would love Chicken Paw Pie too! I hope yours likes the dry food just as much!