Fun Findings Friday #150

Happy Friday! Apologies for it being quieter than usual on the blog this week, I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things post-holidays. Anyone else? This weekend I’m planning on doing some serious decluttering/cleaning, catching up on some blog stuff, and mainly, getting some R&R after really, lots of craziness since Thanksgiving!

It’s also been a few weeks since my last Fun Findings Friday post, and I can’t believe today’s is the milestone #150! Crazy to think I’ve done so many of these! Let’s get to today’s fun finds!


As I mentioned earlier this week, decluttering and donating things is one of my big goals for the month. A few years ago I brought some nice items into a local consignment shop but it was kind of a bust. I discovered ThredUp (use this link to sign up + get $20 toward your first purchase) a few months ago, and have been anxious to give the online consignment shop a try. I just signed up and requested a bag that I can fill up and mail in. Love this easy alternative to getting rid of some of my old clothes! You can also purchase (mostly designer) items for yourself in addition to mailing your things in! Have you tried the service?


Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Concert Lineup

Every year I look forward to Mardi Gras at Universal. The parade, the music, the atmosphere. It’s the best! The lineup for this year was just released (see below) and there are a couple of these I can’t wait to head over to Orlando for!

Feb. 6 – Hunter Hayes

Feb. 13 – Diana Ross

Fed. 14 – Barenaked Ladies

Feb. 20 – Nate Ruess

Feb. 27 – Fall Out Boy

Mar. 5 – Kool & The Gang

Mar. 12 – The Fray

Mar. 13 – Adam Lambert

Mar. 19 – Shawn Mendes

Mar. 20 – 3 Doors Down

Mar. 26 – REO Speedwagon

Apr. 2 – T-Pain

Apr. 9 – Jessie J

Apr. 16 – Yandel

mardi gras universal

2016 Movie Super-Trailer

There are SO many good movies coming out in 2016, I can’t wait! Someone put together this genius mashup of trailers to make one “super-trailer” of what’s ahead in cinema this year. Check it out below!

  • ThredUp is great! And they pay to your paypal account, so I use that cash for my blog :)

    • That’s awesome! I suddenly feel much more motivated to get my closet cleaned out now that a few extra bucks are on the table for doing it :)

  • I’ve heard of ThredUp but wasn’t exactly sure how it works! I’ll have to look more into it – I definitely need to do some purging of my crazy closet!

    • You and me both, girl! From what I understand they send you a large pre-paid bag (just got mine this weekend) and you fill it up with stuff you’re purging and then will (hopefully) earn some money for it! I’m planning to do a post on the whole experience, so stay tuned!

      • Oh, neat! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that post so I can get more info :)

  • ThredUp is probably one of my favorite things EVER!

    • Good to hear! I just received my bag from them, can’t wait to fill it up and mail it in!

  • This is the first I’ve heard of thread up. How cool! My mom lovesss REO speed wagon lol. I’ll have to tell tomorrow!

    • I’m actually most excited for REO Speedwagon lol. The parade beforehand is always so much fun too!

  • Okay… Fall Out Boy AND Jessie J? I am SO THERE. I’d have to dip out when 3 Doors Down came on tho… hahaha That’s too much early 00’s for me.

    • The throwback jams are the best! I went over for Nelly last year and it was so much fun going down memory lane with the early 00’s songs!

  • I love ThredUp! Sometimes I am disappointed with how much I get for certain items, but then I remember that I get more than I would if I donated them.

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • I was curious about payment for it. So true though! If I’m getting rid of the items anyway, I’ll take what I can get!

  • I’d go there for Fall Out Boy alone :-O

    • REO Speedwagon is #1 for this old soul :) I’m hoping to get over there for Fall Out Boy too!

  • I have to check out ThredUp! I realized recently I have way too many clothes and it would be good to get rid of some of them.

    • Me too, Kati! I just received the bag from them in the mail, so my next project is filling it up and mailing it in!

  • ellen ross

    I keep hearing about THredup! Im gonna look into it!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  • I had no idea that Universal had a Mardi Gras celebration! That would be such a fun time to visit, especially with all of the great musical talent that will be performing!

  • I am also really looking forward to a couple of the movies coming out in 2016! The last movie I saw in the theater was Star Wars on opening weekend, and now I already can’t wait for another good one to come out!

  • CDG

    How about introducing thredUp to you Mom? Luv your blog!