Thursday Thoughts + $200 PayPal Giveaway

We’re so close to the weekend, guys! I’ve been dealing with the worst migraine the past couple of days. I don’t know what it’s from, but I couldn’t wait to get straight to bed after my class last night (and am already looking forward to it tonight)!

Here’s what’s on my mind lately:

  • I’ve been trying to figure out my travel plans for the year but can’t seem to solidify anything. There are SO many places on my list! I’m hoping to get back to Europe later this year, and I’d also really like to cross some more states off my list. Right now I’m thinking a potential Portland trip (more likely if I end up going to BlogHer) or Denver/Wyoming/Mt.Rushmore road trip thing, and Minneapolis!
  • Netflix announced the release dates for all of their new and returning shows for the year. I’m so excited!
  • Last week I made a two-bag drop at Goodwill and the week before, a drop of a bunch of toys at the Humane Society. What a good feeling! It also helped me get started on the declutter process, but I still feel a bit overwhelmed with everything I want to get done!
  • A new planet has supposedly been identified and they’re referring to it as “Planet Nine.” Anyone else irritated by this? Planet 9 will forever be Pluto. You can’t just take away planet status after it’s been established for so long!
  • I’ve been getting such great feedback on my blog survey! If you haven’t taken it yet, please do! It’s so helpful to hear what you guys like, dislike, and want to see more of!

And now, the best giveaway to start 2016 off right! $200 PayPal cash! This will help one lucky winner pay off some bills from the biggest spending month of the year (I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering!) and/or treat themselves to a little something!

For the “free entry,” be sure to type in Small Towns & City Lights – or STCL for short. Good luck!



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  • Well, I know you’ll be taking at least one trip to New York! :-)

    • Yes, of course!! But still not “solidified” until the flight is booked, haha. I can’t wait though!

  • I admire your love of travel so much! I need to learn from you and get my butt moving :)

    • Thanks, Bri! You definitely do! There’s nothing quite like exploring new places. BlogHer’s in LA this year if you want to take a trip out to the west coast :)

  • i understand why they took away Pluto’s planet’ness’ but it will always be a planet to me! all your travel sounds amazing!

    • Me too, Kristen! If I ever have kids, they’ll absolutely be including Pluto in any planet-related homework lol.

  • Planning travel is always so much fun! We have a trip to Portland in the works too! I’ve just heard so many fun things about the city! And I hope you get to go back to Europe too!

    • That’s so exciting! Between your Europe trip and Portland it already sounds like it’s going to be a great year of travel for you!

  • Definitely agree about having so many places to pick from! I am sure you’ll figure it out. Can’t wait to see where 2016 takes you!

    ​​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • If only we had unlimited vacation days and a money tree :)

  • Anna Garcia


    • Always vacation :) Which places are at the top of your list?

    • Anna Garcia

      I would love to visit Australia someday .

  • I want to go back to Europe too, but I’ve also wanted to see Mt. Rushmore! It’s great to have so many options!

  • I’m planning a trip back to Paris this spring but hoping to go to Asia as well! I’m dying to go to Portland! I hope you figure out your travel plans soon!

  • Leah

    I’m going to Puerta vallerta in a few months, so the money would go towards my SPF fund! (Along with some clothes and souvenirs!)

  • If I won I would use the money for our vacation to the Dominican Republic this summer!

  • Chiara L

    I’m going to uni this september so I would buy a laptop :D
    thank you for the amazing giveaway **