Fun Findings Friday #152

Why is it that the first part of the week always drags on but once we’ve hit Wednesday it zooms by? Either way, I’m happy Friday’s here again! For those of you getting hit with the crazy snowstorm/blizzard this weekend, good luck! I’m a little jealous I won’t be able to snuggle up inside for a Netflix binge watching snowfall (at least the snow part) or run around in the snow (I’m still like a kid when it snows). But anywho, stay safe! Let’s get into this week’s fun findings.

Travel Scratch Map

It’s always so exciting to be able to travel to a new place, whether it’s a state or (especially) country! This scratch off travel map ($28.95) is my new favorite thing! I received a U.S. one for Christmas, which is great for keeping track since I’d like to hit all 50 states before I turn 30. They also have a world map, which would be a great one for anyone with lots of wanderlust, like me! How do you keep track of the places you’ve traveled to?

travel scratch map

Trump Insult Generator

I’m entertained by the simplest things. My latest find? The Trump Insult Generator. Simply enter a name and refresh to see new Trump insults (built based on his actual tweets). Of course they’re ridiculous, but some of them still make me laugh.

Trump Insult

The Teacher Who Caused the Blizzard (Maybe)?

Back to the snow convo since we can’t seem to escape it anywhere anyway, this parody. So funny! While I didn’t have a snow day until college and couldn’t fully appreciate them since they fell on internship days where the real world goes on, I’d love to see a parody for a hurricane day, BUT this one is so appropriate of a teacher wishing for a snow day. I think she got her wish and more!

  • I am loving that map and may have to get one! I’m curious yet afraid to go to the Trump Insult Generator! :-) Have a great weekend.

    • You should! It’ll encourage you to plan more trips and explore more of the country/world!

  • That generator is the greatest gift to man, seriously. I am so using that <3

  • Ha!!! All three of these are awesome!! I’m lucky enough to be married to an educator, so we still (usually) get to observe snow days :-) They’re kind of the best!

    • Thanks, Katie! I wish there were more snow days in the world (or really any snow here in FL! haha)

  • One of my friends just bought that scratch off map! It is too cool!

    • It is! It definitely gives me even more of the travel bug though :)

  • Belle Vie A Deux

    AH! I need this map- we have been trying to figure out what to do with all the items we have collected from our travels abroad and decided on a room- with a big map marking where we’ve lived! This is PERFECT!

    • That sounds amazing! I’ve found some cool framing ideas on Pinterest for tickets and other things collected in cities you’ve visited. One of these days I really want to pull them together!

  • I adore that map! and I’m checking out the Donald Trump generator now. Maybe I’ll find some new fun insults :P

  • missgetaway

    Hahahahahah oh my god the Trump Generator. You just definitely made my day!

    Love, Kerstin

    • So glad to help make your day a little brighter :)

  • “Irrelevant clown Kaitlyn sweats and shakes nervously as they talk “bull” about me. Has zero cred” Thanks Trump generator, lol. I think that teacher definitely got her wish!

    • Haha, only Trump! And she more than got her wish! I wonder if there will be any more big snowstorms this winter. February’s usually a big month for it!

  • I love the scratch map – such a fun idea! And the Trump insult generator is too good.


    • It is! It gets me itching to plan a new trip every time I look at it though!

  • ​​My roommate and I are DYING at this Adele parody. My coworker has that map, and it is gorgeous!

    xx katie // a touch of teal

    • It’s so great! I love when people make parodies like it :)

  • I love that map!!! I’ve seen other people with similar ones. I will have to purchase one soon. I have not seen the trump insult generator or the Adele parody until now. I will have to check them out!

    • It’s such a great way to keep track of all of the great places you’ve visited and those you’ve yet to get to!