Stitch Fix: February 2016 Review

It’s finally Stitch Fix time again! If you remember, my last Fix came at the end of December and I decided to take a break to give my wallet a break post-Europe trip and Christmas. Now that some time has passed (and my bank account has had a little time to recover), I’m excited to open up a new box of clothes!


My Fix was supposed to arrive this past Friday, but unfortunately, my box was delivered to someone else. Fast forward a few days (to last night) and my 15th Stitch Fix finally made its way to me! Instead of doing my normal reviews, this time, I want to enlist your help! Check out the items I received below and be my stylist. Do you love them? Hate them? Help me out!

DRD Ena Skinny Jean ($98)

Despite having sworn off new jeans for a while, I specifically requested a maroon/colored pair of jeans in this fix. They’re a tad snug on me, but not quite reaching uncomfortable pants status. I really like these!

RD Style Magnolia Split Back Blouse ($68)

I had seen a split-back shirt on Pinterest and really liked it! However, I historically haven’t been a huge fan of how they look on me. Out of everything in my fix, I’m most on the fence about this one.  


Daniel Rainn Dacey Crochet Panel Knit Top ($68)

My stylist, Emily, included this top because she said I pinned a similar one a while back. The crochet part makes me a bit nervous because the material will be super delicate when it comes time to wash, but I do think it’s really pretty! Plus, it goes great with the skinny jeans!


Gills Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress ($54)

I’m so surprised that this dress is the cheapest thing in my fix, usually dresses are on the steeper end! I had pinned this dress after seeing it in someone else’s fix. The material is super soft and comfortable, and rouging is always a flattering feature I appreciate in a dress!


Loveappella Neko Open Drape Cardigan ($68)

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with cardigans. Living in Florida, they’re not something I get to wear outside much, BUT I do travel quite a bit and it’s usually pretty chilly in my office, so I can never have enough of them!

I received some really great items in my fix this month! Some of the items are a bit pricier than I might pay if I were shopping in store somewhere, but keep in mind that if I keep all 5 items, I get a 25% discount – about $90! Do I want to keep them all? 

Instead of making the decision on my own this time, I want to switch things up and enlist your help today! Tell me, what do you think I should keep and/or send back?

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  • I really like the cardigan and the pants. I don’t like the first shirt, I think it’s a weird length.

    • Thanks, Alanna! I know what you mean, I’ve always felt weird about split tops!

  • Greta Hollar

    That black dress is beautiful on you. Hope you kept it!

    Greta |

    • Thanks, Greta! Definitely keeping it :) I heard it’s available in several other colors, so I might need to get some others if I end up getting a lot of use out of this one!

  • Candy Kage

    Love color of the pants. That dress has many uses.

    • Me too, Candy! I don’t have anything like the pants in my wardrobe currently, so I’m definitely going to keep them. And the dress is awesome!

  • I can vouch for that black dress! They have it on ModCloth and I have it in just about every color. It’s so comfortable and I wear them to work all the time! I also really love the maroon jeans and the cardigan on you! I think the pink top is cute but nothing super special.

    • Ooh really? I’ll have to check it out because I love the dress! All 3 of those are my favorite too :)

  • Kristina Padgett

    Those are adorable outfits on you! I love those polka dot top, SO cute!

    • Thanks, Kristina! I really lucked out with my fix this month!

  • Love that sweater! Super cozy and cute :)

    • It’s SO cozy! I’d wear it every day if I could :) Thanks for stopping by, Krista!

  • Cat

    Wow, what a great box! There are so many items in here that are genuinely cute and flattering on you, that I wouldn’t try and dissuade you from keeping all of them :) My favorites on you though are the jeans, the crocheted top, and the dress.

    • Thanks, Cat! I know, I’m really impressed with my fix this month!!

  • Brittany Crotty

    I have yet to try stitch fix! Such cute outfits, I may have to give this a try :)

    • You definitely should! It can add up if you subscribe frequently, but it’s a fun way to spruce up your wardrobe :)

  • Lottie Moor

    I love what the stylist picked for you this month! I wish they did something like this in the UK!
    Lottie xx

    • Thanks, Lottie! Hopefully they’ll expand to the UK one of these days. It’s such a fun service! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Ooo, I like the crochet top you got! Definitely perfect for spring time!

  • I’m not a huge fan of the blouse, it’s cute in theory. But the crochet is just so much more flattering. LOVE the pants and dress!

    • I know what you mean, the split back tops are always weird ones for me. The pants and dress are my favorites too!

  • Ashley Chase

    I love the cardigan!

    • Thanks, Ashley! It’s so cozy, definitely keeping it!

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    So cute! I still haven’t jumped on the Stitch fix bandwagon, but I always love the outfits they put together. :)

    • Thanks, Jessica! You should give it a try, I’m sure you’d get some great pieces to add to your closet too!

  • My Unsettling Life

    My favourite is definitely the jeans with the pink top. Looks great on you!

    • Thank you! I’m going to keep both. It’s such a fun, colorful outfit for spring!

  • I think that dress and the sweater are so cute and look great on you!

    • Thanks, Ashley! They’re my favorite items in the box :)

  • I’m so glad that you posted this! I have been really intrigued by Stitch Fix, and I’ve been reading as many reviews as possible. I love the jeans and cardigan!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • Thanks for reading! Have you tried Stitch Fix out yourself yet? I’ve gotten so many great clothing pieces from them!

  • I would definitely keep the cardigan. The rest of it isn’t exactly my style but you can also never go wrong with a black dress.


    • I LOVE the cardigan too :) Being able to customize your style profile is out of the best parts of Stitch Fix. Have you given them a try yet?

      • No I haven’t actually but I might in the future

  • Very good to know about Stitch Fix. I’ve been meaning to check them out!

    • They’re great! I’ve received so many awesome pieces to add to my wardrobe from them the past couple years. You should definitely give them a try!

  • def keep the dress and the cardigan. I just got an email that my next fix has been shipped and I am trying hard not to peek!! ha!

    • I’m going to! Thanks, Lauren! Yay for shipped fixes :) I hope you get a great one! I can never resist peeking once I see that mine is on the way. The element of surprise is mostly what color it comes in, haha.

  • Keep the jeans for sure!!

    • Absolutely going to, I’m so excited to add them to my wardrobe!

  • Be

    I love all of these! Specially the red jeans and the first blouse!

    Be | lovefrombe

    • Same! I’m really impressed with Stitch Fix this month! Have you tried them out before?

  • I absolutely love the dress and that crocheted top! Like you, I’m not in love with the polka dot blouse, just because it pales in comparison to how cute everything else is!

  • You could certainly make use of all 5 in a good wardrobe I think, but that’s a lot of dough. lol I love the pants, and the polkadot top the most.

    • Fixes like this is definitely why I need to start spreading out my orders, haha. I love Stitch Fix clothes, but I wish the pricing was a tad cheaper. Have you given the service a try, Angie?

      • Unfortunately not. I’m currently super poor (house poor lol) and super fat. LOL both of which I’m working on, but neither lend well to things like this.

  • I like the color of those pants, however if they seem like they wouldn’t be comfortable to wear (you said they weren’t too bad though) then I would pass. But if you think they’ll stretch and get comfy I’d go with them!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    • Definitely going to Laura, thanks! I really love the color!

  • I’m about to try Stitch Fix soon and I’m excited! It looks like you got some great pieces!

    • Yay, so exciting! I did receive some great things! I can’t wait to hear what you think when yours comes!

  • I love the dress on you! So stunning! The pants are great too. :)

    • Thanks, Olya! I’m so excited about both of them!

  • Dia

    I need to join Stich Fix. I love the classic black dress and pants

    • You definitely should give it a try, Dia! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • The dress is super flattering on you! That would be my top pick out of these options. So cute!

    • Thank you! I love the dress too, definitely keeping it :)

  • Ashley

    I’ve really got to give Stitch Fix a try! So many adorable picks! I especially love that black dress. Definitely all pieces that would be great wardrobe staples!

    xo Ashley

    • You definitely should, Ashley! I’ve gotten so many of my favorite clothing pieces from them!

  • The pants & the dress are my favorite!! OH, and the cardigan – but I’m a sucker for cardigans!

    • Thanks, Mattie! Mine too! I don’t think there’s such thing as too many cardigans, so adding another one to my collection won’t hurt :)

  • I love the color of those maroon skinnies! Super cute.

    All the Best,
    Allison |

    • I’m so excited about them too! Thanks for reading, Allison!

  • I love the dress and that cardigan. I am obsessed with them too, but I live in the Seattle area, so I can wear them ALL of the time!

  • You got an amazing fix this month! I am taking a break from Stitch Fix currently to give my wallet a break as well. I absolutely love the dress, jeans, cardigan & lace top!

    • Thanks, Mistle! I’m pretty excited about my fix this month too! Totally with you on needing a break. I took one for a bit myself too. I think I’ll need another one after how good this one was, haha.

  • oooh love the jeans, the dress is very flattering and i love the cardi! i think i’d keep everything because of the discount lol.

    • That’s exactly what I ended up doing, haha! So many great things this month!

  • I love the skinny jeans, the dress, and the cardi. What a fix! ;-)

    • Thanks, Lori! I’m loving all of the items sent this month too!

  • laci carlson

    Loving the picks this month definitely the first shirt.

    • I’m really impressed with this month’s fix too! Thanks for stopping by, Laci!

  • Brianna

    I like them all. I have never heard of stitch fix. Sounds really cool.

    • Thanks, Brianna! It’s a great service! You should definitely give them a try :)

  • LOVE the color of the pants and that black dress is fabulous (I’ve had my eye on it from ModCloth for a while)

    • I love them both too! You’re the second person to tell me about it on ModCloth too! If I get a lot of use out of this one (which I think I will), I might have to pick it up in a few other colors! You should splurge on it too!

  • Cori

    The cardigan is my preferred piece in this box.

  • Tamara Goyette

    The burgundy pants, and the sweater are my favourite! That dress is also great.

  • The drape cardigan is my favorite! I feel like it is drapey (is that word!?) in the right places, but not too drapey if that makes sense!! Plus, I always love emerald….soooo I might be partial ;) Lol hope you ended up keeping some of them!