10 Things You Might Not Know About Munich

I’ve been thinking about starting a new travel post series with some interesting facts I’ve learned about various destinations on my trips, including historical, cultural, and other random interesting facts. So here’s the first one! 10 things you might not know about Munich, Germany!

10 Things You Might Not Know About Munich

  1. Munich is Germany’s most expensive city to live in.
  2. The city is part of the “Bavaria” region which is the southeastern part of Germany.
  3. There are over 60 beer gardens in Munich.
  4. 80% of the city was destroyed during WWII bombings, which you can still see the scars of today on many buildings.
  5. The famous Oktoberfest event runs for 16 days every year, starting at the end of September. It’s a huge part of Bavarian culture, as it has been around since 1810!
  6. Major streets in the city are pedestrian-only, after being converted for the Olympics in the 1970s.
  7. It’s illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn (major highway).
  8. The dialect spoken in this region is much different from the rest of Germany, so citizens outside of the region might have trouble communicating. (Bonus fact: my grandparents are from different regions in Germany and told me they do indeed have this barrier with many words/phrases when speaking in German).
  9. BMW is headquartered in Munich and you will find their cars EVERYWHERE! Even some of the buses are part of the BMW family.
  10. Beer is officially considered a food in Munich (and all of Bavaria).


Interested in more about Munich? Check out my 2-day trip recap here and read about our day trip to explore the Bavarian castles!

  • Maple Alps

    I love Munich! I used to live quite near it and would pop over on the weekends when I could. Really great times :)

    • That’s awesome! I wish I lived closer, I had such a great time there!

  • I never realized how much Munich loved their beer that is a lot of beer gardens!

  • Leslie Nichole

    That is pretty cool that there are streets that are pedestrian only. Some of the streets around here shoukd be like that. I work for a BMW dealership here and we get updates from the center around you all the time.

    • Sometimes I wish we had more of that too! It was great though, had more of the historical/old town feel being able to walk in larger spaces!

  • Mandi

    I had to laugh that beer is considered food, but its true, over there beer is EVERYTHING to them haha

    • I know! I couldn’t believe it when I found out either. I’m sure plenty of people end up having it as their “meal,” probably with a pretzel on the side!

  • My little cousin went to Munich for the beer festival last Fall and she said it was the experience of a lifetime! =) Beer is a food? I’m in! Munich is a definitely a city I want to see some day! =)

    • I believe it! I’m dying to get over there during the festival! Munich is such a neat city to explore – SO much history!

  • There is a saying in German “fife beers count as a Schnitzel, and you haven’t even eaten something yet”. I was born and raised in eastern Germany and if you think the bavarian accent is bad wait till you hear ours ;)

    • That’s so funny, I hadn’t heard that one! I can’t wait to visit more of Germany!

  • Thanks so much for the knowledge addition!! Really need to start expanding my GK!

  • Casey Oakley Bennevault

    I was in Munich last month for the first time and fell in love with the city!!! Just checked out your other posts on Munich and looks like we did a lot of the same stuff:) Such an awesome city and I definitely want to go back!!!

    Casey | http://www.frenchblissme.com

    • Great minds think alike :) It really is such a great city! I hope to get back out there again soon too. I feel like there’s still so much more to explore!

  • So interesting! I’ve never been to Munich, but it’s definitely on the list of places I’d love to visit!

    • I hope you’re able to visit one day! It’s a great city!

  • Suzette Valle

    I love Munich! I wish it was known for more than just Oktoberfest. Then again, I didn’t know beer was considered as food…maybe it is, but for the soul. lol!

    • Me too! It’s definitely a place everyone should visit!

  • We’ve been to Munich a couple of times as we live about 3.5 hours away new Stuttgart, but I have never been to the Oktoberfest, too many people for my taste. But I love the city, it’s history, the museums and all the good food.

    • So awesome! I visited at Christmastime, so I haven’t experienced Oktoberfest either, but I definitely want to! It really is such a great city!

  • Ashleigh

    I love Munich, it’s one of my fav cities to visit when in Europe! This is a great guide for those who haven’t been but are planning a trip! Thank you for sharing!

  • When we were on our Germany road trip last year, we kept filling up ALL of the time so we never be out of gas! As fast as everyone drives, I cannot imagine being on the side of the road in a car that won’t go–that would be terrifying!

    • Good call! I can’t imagine running out of gas on there either. It’d be terrible!

  • Veronica Pototska

    I loved Munich, when I visited it a few years ago. And yes, beer is food ;)

    • Me too! I feel like we just scratched the surface visiting – I hope to get back soon to explore more!

  • Maya Kohn

    hehe I loved this! I recently discovered that Octoberfest starts is in September…. that’s just confusing!

    • So glad! And yes, I totally agree, it’s so weird!

  • I really want to visit Munich. When I went to visit Germany over 10 years ago, I was not able to go. It is on my bucket list! I would love to be able to visit during Oktoberfest! I’ve heard it is a lot of fun to attend. Now I really want to go back to Germany!

    • You’d love it! We visited during the Christmas season, so no Octoberfest for us either, but it’s just an excuse to plan another trip back :)

  • That’s so awesome that beer is considered a food in Bavaria! I know I’ll be drinking a lot of it at Oktoberfest this year! I also can’t wait to experience the Bavarian culture while we’re there!

    • So excited for you to visit for Oktoberfest! Can’t wait to read about it – I know I definitely want to get back there for it :)

  • Munich is one of my favourite cities. I had such a wonderful time there. The history is so cool and the people are so lovely. Munich also has an INCREDIBLE science museum (one of the biggest) that is worth a visit!

    Laura @ http://www.cookwineandthinker.com

    • It really is such an awesome place! We didn’t have a chance to visit the science museum, but definitely something to keep in mind next time we go back!

  • Natasha Kingsbury

    I had no idea about any of that! Munich is on my bucket list and I hope to get there some day soon! I especially had no idea about the different dialect. So interesting!

    • Glad to provide some insight :) I hope you’re able to get to Munich soon, it’s an awesome place!

  • Tricia

    I love that the major streets are pedestrian only! That sucks for the drivers but awesome for people like me who prefer to walk everywhere.

    • Agreed! I think a lot of people use public transportation and walk over driving anyway because it’s so expensive to get a license and buy a car there!

  • Jenny B

    Those are some fascinating facts. They are definitely a country who loves their beer! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing!

  • Great idea for a travel series! I love learning new facts about places I’d love to travel to, as well as learning new things about places I’ve been. I had no idea that in Munich, major streets are for pedestrians only!

    • Thank you! I think learning tidbits about new places always inspires travel, so that’s what I hope to do with this new series (along with sharing a little history/education on them)!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I think one should be careful about eating lots of “food” (beer) that they check their gas gage before heading home. Could be a hot mess if things go badly.

    • Oh definitely! Hopefully if they’re drinking they’ll walk home vs. driving. Beer + the autobahn wouldn’t be a good situation!

  • I learned something new today! I own a BMW I feel like I should have known that fact, but apparently not! Can’t wait to go some day!

    Molly | http://www.stylemissmolly.com

    • Glad to hear it, Molly! I hope you get there soon, you’ll love it!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    I love the idea of a travel series! Great facts here!! love it

  • Daria Vinning

    Awesome to hear! I had a exchange student from Germany and she shared all about living there and her experiences. I would love to visit one day! Thanks for sharing….

    • How cool! I’m sure you learned quite a bit about it then! I hope you get there soon. Thanks for reading :)

  • Heather Gee Davis

    These are good to know! I love that some of the big streets are pedestrian only.

    • Me too! It was especially great considering all of the walking we were doing in the city!

  • Frolic_Life_Syl

    One of my good friends lives in Munich and I really want to visit him during Oktoberfest!

    • You should! I’ve heard amazing things about it!

  • I love this series! And such fun facts. I didn’t know most of these!

    • Thanks, Beth! I’m excited to share more about other places soon too!

  • This is so interesting! I know nothing about Munich so I learned a lot haha that’s so cool that Oktoberfest lasts so long! I thought it was a weekend-long kind of thing. We’ll definitely have to add Munich to our travel bucket list.

    • You definitely should – you’d love it! I visited during Christmastime so I know I want to plan another trip for Oktoberfest in the future!

  • oh this is so interesting. i had no idea oktoberfest had been around so long!

  • Mar

    This is a great idea for a post. A great way to learn about a new city :)

    • Thanks, Mar! There’s so much you only really learn by traveling somewhere!

  • These are all good to know. I had the impression that Berlin is more expensive than Munich.

    • I think a lot of people think that. It’s pretty interesting!

  • I never made it to Munchen (where is the umlaut when you need it!?) when I was in Germany in 2008, so it’s kinda cool to read these facts…and I don’t remember learning them in year 7 German class in 1997 (year 7 is about the same as your 7th grade I think, maybe 8th grade. Wherever you’re 12 turning 13, that’s the equivalent; I can still remember enough to get by when travelling in German-speaking countries, but I’m certainly not fluent).

    I did know that BMW was in Bayern but not that HQ was in Munchen itself, and that BMW used to make planes for the war!

    While I knew that Oktoberfest was so long in duration and that Munchen is its home, I’m not entirely keen to attend Oktoberfest because I cannot stand beer, and I don’t do well with large crowds, or drunkards! I would love to go though just to say that I have been to Oktoberfest.

    One thing that I do really respect about Germany is that it doesn’t hide its war scars. When I was in Berlin, I was completely taken aback by just how beautiful it was for not hiding its history and involvement. I remember being able to put my hand over some of the impact/shrapnel points on the pillars of the rotunda of the Victory Column and my hand span didn’t even come close to covering.

    Where in Germany are your grandparents from?

    • There is SO much history in Germany it’s fascinating! I think it’s a place everyone should try to visit once in their lives. I’m hoping to get to Berlin to see everything there as well! My grandparents are from the Munich area but smaller cities outside.

  • Going to Munich would be such a cool experience. I’d love to go to Oktoberfest there. I am absolutely dying to go to Europe.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • I hope you’re able to get there soon! Maybe for a honeymoon?!

  • SUCH a great series idea! You’re so well traveled, Rachel!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Thanks, Katie! Hoping that if people are unable to travel to some of these places themselves that they’ll at least learn a little bit about other places!

  • My boyfriend brews his own beer and so we have our fair share of it. I’m not sure if I want to tell him that there actually IS a place where beer is officially considered a food:) On the other hand, I might not have to cook as much…

    • That’s so cool! I think it’d still be a fun experience.. at least to get out and try some new beer or foods :)

  • I love castles this would be a fun trip to go to. So adding to bucket list!

    • It’s such a fun place, Wendy! I hope you’re able to visit one day!

  • Welp…now I have to add Munich to my travel bucket list! I want to be as well-traveled as you girlfriend!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Aww thanks, Erica! Travel is my favorite :) I hope you’re able to make it to Munich one day!

  • Live by Surprise

    I’ve always wanted to go there – and the beer only makes me want it more.


    I stopped reading after 60 beer gardens

  • I have never thought of going to Munich, but these 10 items make me want to visit so much more! :D

    • It’s such a neat place to visit, Emily! You’d really enjoy it!

  • Lovely post :)

    I actually visited Munich and stayed with a family there years ago in school, it was a lovely experience and really did enjoy it there. It was so clean too! I remember the tube stations were actually a pleasure to travel on.

    A place I would love to revisit sometime! It’s a pity I don’t like Beer though considering it’s a ‘food’ ;) Full of Hops so I guess some elements are good for you! hehe!

    Laura xo


    • That’s so awesome! Did you have a chance to get out to see the castles? That was my favorite part :)