The Best Super Bowl LII Commercials

Happy Monday, friends! So sorry for the radio silence last week. It was a pretty hectic week with a conference I was at for work, so I didn’t have a chance to pop in here. I did have a great (although way too fast) weekend relaxing though – I hope you did too!

And now with it being the day after the Super Bowl, let’s debrief. Firstoff, FLY EAGLES, FLY! Despite being a Vikings fan, I was rooting for the Eagles in the SB since it’s my dad’s team and also, I just wanted anyone but the Patriots. Sorry, Bill & Tom, but it’s time for someone else to be in the spotlight!

I was also pumped for the Super Bowl because it’s the one day of the year I actually enjoy watching commercials (#brandbowl). This year, companies dropped over $5 MILLION for a 30-second ad, and there were quite a few that had multiple ads running throughout the night. While I wasn’t too impressed with this year’s commercials overall, there were a few that really stood out to me!

The Best Super Bowl LII Commercials

Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice

Despite being one of the earlier commercials during the Super Bowl, the Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice one was hands down my favorite! I mean rap battle between Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lanister) and Morgan Freeman?! Yes, please!

E*Trade “This is Old”

An incredibly close second came from E*Trade, who changed the lyrics to Harry Belafonte’s Classic “Banana Boat (Day-O)” song to “85 and I wanna go home.” Kind of a genius way to remind people they should start thinking about their financial future a little earlier in life to avoid having to work during the golden years. Also, all the laughs between listening to the lyrics and the accompanying visuals.

Rocket Mortgage

Life can be pretty complicated sometimes, and I loved the position Rocket Mortgage took on it! Keegan-Michael Key acted as a helper in the background, dropping knowledge on what things are, from hair styles to menu items to the mortgage process, when you have absolutely no idea.

All the Tide Ads

David Harbour (Hopper from Stranger Things) popped up quite a bit in Tide commercials, and they were spot on! Tide basically took all the ads we’re used to seeing (e.g. beer, cars) and showed that they’re really all related to Tide!


Did you have any favorite commercials during the Super Bowl this year?